Faith Missionary Church, Inc.



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*Please be advised that our normal Worship Service has changed due to the Coronavirus. We can be found on FaceBook and YouTube Channel at - "Faith Missionary Church"


                                Member Donations Options:

  1. Mail a check to the church ---PO Box 13, Louisburg, NC  27549
  2. Setup a designated time for members to drop off tithes (once per week)
  3. Pay electronically via cashapp

                                Cash App Information:

Used for church members who would like to pay electronically.

Church cash app name: $FMCLouisburg

                            Church Member Instructions:

Download the “Cash app” app from the Apple App store or Google app store (Android)                   (It has a GREEN symbol) 

                                       To donate:

  1. Enter the amount you want to send
  2. Enter $FMCLouisburg in the TO field
  3. Enter your full name in the FOR field (Tithes, Offering, Benevolence, etc.)

Look down in the contact field and choose FMCInc….then

      Click pay (top right corner)

 **You will receive an email or text (depending on how you set it up) with your paid amount


                                      2020 Offering Report

         Please call/text/email me so that I can mail you the form that must be filled out before I can send you your Offering Information. Once I get the form back, then I will mail you your Offering Information.

Thank you,   

Deacon Samuel Burrell